[Infographic] 10 Step Guide to Giving Excellent Social Media Customer Care

Customer happiness has always been one of the highest priorities of businesses and customer support is what gives them an opportunity to engage with the customers on a personal level.

Social media is becoming one of the most important channels for connecting with the customers. Whether they have questions, compliments, or complaints, customers are increasingly using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter to engage with businesses. According to a research, if the service or product is good, 48% of people will tell friends about the customer experience on social media.

Although there’s a growing number of businesses who use social media as one of their customer support channels, a significant gap still exists between what customers expect and what businesses are delivering on these channels.

If your business has an effective social media customer support strategy, you’ll have happier customers and you’ll be more profitable.

This 10-step infographic guide from Headway Capital will show you how you can provide an outstanding customer support via social media.

  • Always respond to customers.
  • Prioritize messages using tag feature.
  • Respond to messages within 1 hour.
  • Use people’s name and sign-off your messages with your own.
  • Retweet or re-share positive response or resolved actions.
  • Take messages to private when topics get sensitive.
  • Monitor your brand name and respond when not directly mentioned.
  • Look for the opportunity to follow up with FAQs or blog posts.
  • Do not engage with trolls.
  • Measure your success with social media analytics tools.

social media customer care

Image Credit: Headway Capital

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