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Infographic: How AI Is Going to Affect Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hot topics in businesses, including in marketing.

While many businesses were hesitant to adopt benefits AI offers in 2017 because they thought it was too early to adopt, the new research suggests that a majority of marketers in the retail sector are ready to embrace it to change the marketing game in 2018 and beyond.

According to a new research from Accenture Interactive, 8 out of 10 marketing executive believe that AI will revolutionize the marketing industry by 2020 and 86% of marketers believe that AI will make marketing teams be more efficient and effective.

AI can help marketers create impactful ads that will lead to more conversion by doing an in-depth keyword research and intelligently use your customer data and behavior. This kind of intelligence can also help in creating dynamic landing pages while keeping user experience a top priority for businesses.

Artificial Intelligence is also needed to help integrate various marketing tools, platforms, and datasets that marketers need to gain more insights and data-driven decision making.

Key takeaways from the research are included in the following infographic by AdWeek.


Image credit: Adweek

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