[Infographic] How to Become a Master of Meetings

Raise your hand if you think that most of the meetings are a waste of your precious time.

The research data is also telling the same truth – There are between 36-56 million meetings every day in the U.S, and yearly cost of these ineffective meetings is $70-$283 billion to the economy.

For you, meetings are an important part of your business life and they are a great way to create personal connections. For businesses, they are meant to create something useful, brainstorm ideas and be collaborative on work. The important reasons for a meeting are:

  • To ask for permission or approval.
  • To seek ideas and thoughts from people.
  • To inform and educate team members on product/service or new technology.

However, inefficient meetings can sabotage productive employees. Luckily, technology can help reduce the time spent on these unproductive meetings and get the most out of your meetings.

For example, using the same technology for the entire company to connect and discuss ideas can save time and various IT hurdles. Using visual diagrams to elaborate ideas and strategy will increase engagement and provide a sense of purpose.

No matter how many meetings you have on the calendar, these tips from CBTS will help you and your team to become a master of meetings and make the most productive use of your time.

become master of meetings infographic

Infographic: Become a Meeting Master, Credit: CBTS

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