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[Infographic] Top 3 Habits Of Successful Startup Founders

You cannot become successful without having certain habits and principles in your lives. Agree?

Here we’ll discuss about top three habits of successful startup founders. These habits and principles are most common in successful business owners all over the world.

  • Never Stop Learning
  • Strict Schedule
  • Perseverance

First, let’s check out the infographic below –


Image: Habits Of Successful Startup Founders, Designed by Sandhya Bhadauriya, Infopixi

1. Never Stop Learning

Bill Gates, a well-known entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft says that he reads one book in a week. He gives the credit of his success to his learning and reading habit. His success reached its best when he was listed in Forbes as one of the wealthiest people in the world, in 1987. His Real Time Net Worth is $89.1 B. as of today.

Another example, Elon Reeve Musk, a South African-American engineer, recently grabbed 21st rank in Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People in 2016. He says that he learned to build the rockets by just reading books. Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Corp. worth $13.1 B.

2. Strict Schedule

A strict schedule isn’t about only having a fixed timetable for the entire day. It starts when you wake up in the morning and determines the entire schedule for your day. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Founder of Twitter, works 16 hours daily. He gives 8-8 hours both the companies every day because of his strict schedule and discipline.

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3. Perseverance

There are many successful personalities who grabbed their place by their perseverance. Like Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs etc, they were persistent in achieving their goals despite various difficulties and delay in the success.

Successful people know the importance of hard work on creating and cultivating habits and discipline to make their business success a reality.

What do you think about these habits? Have something to add? Please share in comments below.

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