[Infographic] When Not To Listen To Your Customer

There’s no denying why and when it’s important to listen to your customers. They tell you what they want and what may be broken in product or service. You can also build trust and eventually loyal brand followers for improving on customer feedback. However, every business will eventually face challenges. If your business growth is at a standstill or you’re stuck, it may be helpful to move forward.

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When should you take your customer’s feedback and when should you not?

Let’s face it, your customers don’t always know what they want. In some scenarios, you may need to show them. Hear your customer out and filter out the key insights. Act on the key takeaways and move forward with your strategy or game plan. For more on business growth, helpful tips and successful examples from famous entrepreneurs, view the infographic by Valpak on when not to listen to your customer below.



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