[Infographic] Why Listening to Music Makes Us Feel Good

When I asked someone, “During tough times, What is the one thing that aids to lift your spirit?” Guess what? I got the most probable answer – “Music.”

Different personality types prefer listening to different music styles – Jazz, pop, hip hop, blues, rock. But, have you ever wondered why music has such a potent effect on our emotions? Well, there’s science behind it. In fact, Studies has revealed that music training enhances verbal intelligence and improves mental health.

Listening to good music floods the brain with dopamine which gives away a rewarding, pleasurable and motivational experience. It activates the brain regions called paralimbic and limbic areas which are associated with euphoric rewarding responses and reducing stress.

There are many ways you can participate in music and broaden your musical experience. Listen, make or understand music to live every part of it and imbibe its energy to experience life in a much exciting way.

Listen to energetic music while reading or studying, try to make music by playing guitar or any other musical instrument and understand it by reading lyrics, biographies of your favorite musicians.

You can live music in many ways. Let’s dive into it some more to understand elaborately that how exactly music gives you an enthralling experience – the Science behind it;


Image Credit: The Expert Editor

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