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Print Is Not Dead! [Infographic]

Print nowadays lives in a massively digital-dominated world. This mere fact seemed enough for many people to simply write it off from...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 1 min read >

Print nowadays lives in a massively digital-dominated world. This mere fact seemed enough for many people to simply write it off from the list of mediums for connecting and transmitting marketing messages in the age of the Internet.

At first glance, this might look like a logical, natural and inevitable side effect of global technological progress and ubiquitous digitalization. However, as it appears from the data available on print media this is not quite true.

Print matters in the digital age and it sometimes matters even more than the digital (the Internet) itself.

Yes, this may sound bizarre. But this is a fact.

Print media beats digital in everything related to emotions, feelings and customer trust. Print also reaches the audiences that digital fails to reach. For example, how would you expect digital to reach 41% of all Americans aged over 65 who are simply not Internet users?

There is no way of doing that online. This audience is unreachable for digital.

At the same time, print reaches almost all segments and audiences that digital reaches.

From a technological point of view print again has some very unique advantages over digital. Ad blocking is a great example. Unlike the digital, there are no ad blockers on print. The existence of print ad blockers is technically impossible at the moment.

As we can see from the data above the drawbacks of print are in most cases the drawbacks only. In other words, the parts where print loses to digital are the parts where digital performs too. The only concern is that in all those areas digital performs better than print which does not automatically set the performance of print to zero.

In contrary, when it comes to the advantages that are unique to print, digital usually does not perform at all, meaning that the performance of digital in all those circumstances can reasonably be set to complete zero.

The older audience is a great example of this. The Internet literally reaches 0% of Americans aged over 65 who are not Internet users. There is simply no performance that can be attributed to digital in this case.

And this is not the only example.

This data-rich Infographic by Cash4Toners shows exactly how and where print beats digital in the digital age.


Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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