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[Infographic] Top Bad Boss Behaviors That Employees Hate Most

Think you have a bad boss? Read on…

People waste a lot of their productive time on stressing out about the behavior of their bad boss. It not only costs companies on health care of employees but employees also suffer a greater negative effect on their happiness and productivity.

Recently, BambooHR has released a ‘Bad Boss Index’ which ranks 24 typical boss behaviors from ‘Totally Acceptable’ to ‘Totally Unacceptable’. Few other main points from the research are:

  • 44% said that a boss has been the primary reason they have left a job.
  • 31% of women said they left due to inappropriate behavior of their boss while 20% of men said the same.

The top 10 bad boss behaviors according to the BambooHR study are:

  1. Take credit for your work.
  2. Doesn’t appear to trust or empower you.
  3. Doesn’t appear to care if you are overworked.
  4. Doesn’t appear to advocate for you when it comes to monetary compensation.
  5. Hires and promotes the wrong people.
  6. Doesn’t back you up when there is a dispute between you and one of your company’s clients.
  7. Doesn’t provide proper direction on your role or assignments.
  8. Micromanages you and doesn’t allow you the freedom to work.
  9. Focuses more on your weakness than your strengths.
  10. Doesn’t set clear expectations.

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