[Infographic] VARK Model – What Type of Learner Are You?

Everyone has their way of learning things. Isn’t it?

People find some methods of learning more engaging and interesting than others. What might work for you, won’t apply to your friend, family, classmate or colleague.

To better understand learner preferences, interests, and motivation and how people learn, various studies and different models were conducted. One popular theory is Net Fleming’s VARK model (Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic), which suggests that there is four main type of learners.

  • Visual learners: those who learn best by seeing a visual presentation of information.
  • Auditory learners: those who learn best by hearing information or reading out loud.
  • Reading/writing learners: those who learn best by reading and writing information.
  • Kinesthetic learners: those who learn best by doing things.

Check out the infographic below to know what type of learner you are so that you can better know your learning preferences and how to study. For example, if you are a visual learner, incorporating the visual material such as pictures, charts, diagrams, infographics, etc. in the study can help you better understand the subject.

Understanding VARK model will also help presenters, teachers or instructional designers to identify and assess the motivations, key preferences, cultural expectations of learners so that their study material and courses can be more effective.

Know which category you fall into.


Infographic – Do You Know What Kind Of Learner You Are?, Credit: Pound Place

If more than one, or even all, learning style applies to you, then you could be a Multimodal learner. Tell us what you think about these learning styles in the comment section below.

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  1. Indeed an interesting infographic! I discovered that I am a kinesthetic learner!

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