Green Tea Production Journey: From Harvest to Cup [Infographic]

No matter what the season is, or the country you are in, tea is a beverage that many people prefer to drink...

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No matter what the season is, or the country you are in, tea is a beverage that many people prefer to drink when they want healthy refreshment. Tea can be found in various different flavors, it can be consumed hot or cold, sweetened or not, so it can satisfy every taste.

Tea firstly appeared in Asia, when it was made by accident after tea leaves fell into a pot with hot water. Back then it was used for medicinal purposes only. Over the time drinking tea became everyday practice and its consumption spread all over the world.

Tea and Tisanes

Nowadays, there are many beverages that are called “teas” but not all of them are real teas. Real teas come from the leaves of the plant called Camellia Sinensis. There are several main types of real teas: white, yellow, green, black, oolong and pu’er tea. All other “teas” are actually tisanes. Tisanes are made from roots, flowers, leaves, and seeds of different herbs and fruits.

Which type of tea will be made, depends on the way how leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are processed. Teas that have a higher level of oxidation also have a stronger taste and darker color (black or pu’er tea).

Green tea, for example, has a minimal level of oxidation and that’s why it has distinct, light flavor and bright green color. The color and taste of the tea are also affected by the duration of brewing. The longer the tea is brewed, the more bitter it will taste.

Green Tea Health Benefits

According to various studies, drinking green tea can have numerous health benefits. It’s no wonder why it is such a popular drink in many cultures.

This refreshing beverage contains antioxidants, substances that protect body cells, help you lower the risk of infections and keep your heart healthy. Furthermore, green tea can lower cholesterol and improve your blood flow.

Although green tea is widely consumed and very popular, it is a less-known fact how it is produced. Green tea production starts at the fields of the Camellia Sinensis plant, where young leaves are first harvested, then withered, steamed, rolled and at the end sorted. When the tea is properly packaged and labeled, it can find its way to the consumer.

See the infographic below from CustomLabels and learn some interesting facts about the long journey of this world famous tea.


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