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[Infographic] 10 Haikus That Capture Office Life Everyone Can Relate To

Accept it or not, your office is your second home because you spend a lot of time with your colleagues in meeting...

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Accept it or not, your office is your second home because you spend a lot of time with your colleagues in meeting and discussing your ideas, thoughts, and creativity.

And we all have some special moments in our daily office life, be it – making tea, accidental “reply all”, or returning from a vacation that brings humor to the workplace.

The office haiku infographic from SavingSpot shared below, beautifully captures the brief moment in office life and add some laugh and levity to your workday.

Let’s add some fun to all these mundane practices of company culture.

  • Making Tea: Sometimes the best part of your job is to make tea for your lazy colleagues.
  • Returning from Vacation: You calculate how long you could survive without your job when your boss says I really missed your absence.
  • Accidental “Reply All”: What if I told you, you can be unemployed.
  • Busted Computer: Grab some tea while the IT guy fixes your computer.
  • Conference Call Pains: The best time to play dead.
  • Office Birthdays: Because, we, all, actually care for the birthday cake.
  • Wi-Fi Cuts out: Now, you have more time to talk to your co-workers. They are nice people.
  • Coffee Break: Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. It understands.
  • Monday Morning Break: Mondays are the shortest horror story.
  • Awkward Elevator: Nothing brings people together like a full elevator.


Infographic -Ten Haikus on Office Life, SavingSpot

The key to success at work life is being happy. Make friends and surround yourself with positive people, because these are the people you can really count on for support, caring and sharing.

If you are looking for the tips on how to maximize productivity, performance, and your happiness while at work, check out this post.

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