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[Infographic] The Psychology of Color & Brand Recognition

Tasting, hearing, smelling, touching and seeing are the five senses we use to explore this world or in other words, they are...

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Psychology of Color and Brand Recognition

Tasting, hearing, smelling, touching and seeing are the five senses we use to explore this world or in other words, they are meant to perceive this world. Among all, sight is probably the most important sense because we perceive almost 80 % of all impressions via sight. Moreover, we use it most and what we see (obviously in colors) evokes different emotions in us and affects the way we feel.

As a marketer, it becomes very important to understand the psychology of colors, which implies that every color has a different effect on our brain. Thus, what your customers perceive depends on what they visualize. Here is some common symbolics that colors hold:

Green color refers to nature, life, harmony, freshness, health, and growth.
Blue color refers to trust, productivity freedom, imagination, wisdom, confidence, and loyalty.
Red is the color of love, danger, passion, strength, energy, desire, romance, and boldness.
Yellow is the color of the sunshine, happiness, joy, energy, optimistic, and positivity.

Psychology of Color and Brand Recognition

Image Source: The Logo Company

If your brand is using visual solutions in any form, then colors affect your brand recognition. People responds to your ad banners, they click on your logo and CTA (call to action) button, read your pop-up messages, notice your email subscription box, etc. All that has a direct effect on your conversion rate. According to QuickSprout, 85% of shoppers say that colors are the primary reason for buying a product.

Many businesses or marketers follow right practices when they choose the brand visuals, but it may still go wrong if the choice of color is not right. This infographic lets you see how brands are using color, and how you can make use of these color-related insights to get on the right path to building your very own business brand.

Image Source: Homestead

When it comes to choosing colors for your brand, you must test. Try to setup A/B tests to know what your audience loves and how they respond to it.

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  1. Deepanshu, this is a very helpful infographic. You should definitely choose the right color scheme so you can build a brand that will stand out from competitors.

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