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[Infographic] Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Are you thinking about starting your own business and being a successful entrepreneur? Are you looking for a secret formula to become...

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Are you thinking about starting your own business and being a successful entrepreneur? Are you looking for a secret formula to become a successful entrepreneur?

Well, there is no such a formula! But there is a common path that most successful entrepreneurs have followed.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs follow a similar approach and share some basic characteristics, which eventually help them succeed. If you are considering entrepreneurship, you should first understand the psychological, behavioral, demographic and technical factors and characteristics needed for the success.

Startups success make into the limelight more often but the truth is 90% of startups fail. Some fail because of their product is not useful in the market or it is not what customers thought it would be. Some fail because they run out of cash or additional investment. Others fail simply because they choose the wrong team or marketing strategies and got outcompeted.

If you don’t plan about your business or startup idea, without thinking ahead, you might encounter many difficulties in the implementation, which, in turn, might result in a failure.

infographic-steps-to-become-a-successful-entrepreneurImage Credit: Funders and Founders.

So how to face such challenges and become a successful entrepreneur? Here are some tips suggested by Anna Vital of Funders and Founders.

  1. Look Ahead: Understand the market requirements, stay sharp and don’t be afraid of failure.
  2. Tell People and Demo: Build a team of like-minded and skilled people you can rely on.
  3. Think of a Problem: Talk to the customer, understand their problem and question yourself “Can you solve their problem with your service or product?”
  4. Follow Your Passion: Passion is the key to keeping your business moving. Find your real passion.
  5. Do the Leg Work: Talking is not enough. Start traveling to join and connect with your customers, business partners, and advisors and to find investment for your business.
  6. Make a Prototype: Build a proof of your concept, vision, or product.
  7. Use Your Gut Feelings: You know your business better, use your own social, analytical and conceptual thinking.
  8. Block the Doubters: Don’t fall into the negativity trap. Try to be around positive people that would support you and your business decisions.

Simply put, to be successful, always act, learn, build and repeat so that you will be the man of action because entrepreneurship is more than just business.

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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