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31 Inspiring Quotes That Will Help You Launch a Startup

Make 2017, the year your startup realizes its dream. Startups have always been hard to start and manage. It’s found that every...

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Make 2017, the year your startup realizes its dream.

Startups have always been hard to start and manage. It’s found that every nine out of ten startups fail every year. The failure rate of new tech startups is around 90% and it commonly occurs within first 120 days.

Unique product, perseverance, careful planning, effective market research and when to reach out investors are some of the key ingredients of a successful startup journey. But, these are not the only factors that contribute to startup success. The flexibility offered by the internet to consumers now can reach out to the desired products and services has augmented fierce competition among different businesses.

However, finding survival is not that difficult. Paul Graham put it bluntly in his 2007 speech;


This statement hides the most critical factor responsible for any startup success. Starting a new business isn’t easy, however, it’s not impossible. Through innovation and consistent efforts, it is possible to run the business smoothly. From right product to right systems in place and strong ability to overcome hardships frame the success of any startup journey. Besides just consistency, vigilant risk analysis improves the probability of startup success.

Well, this is not all that sums up sure shot success formula for any startup. Important lessons and quotes shared by some of the successful entrepreneurs can help to accelerate startup performance by enabling startup owners to make informed decisions. So, before jumping into your startup launch decision, take a look at some of the below-mentioned quotes.


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