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The Hidden Mystery Behind Networking [Infographic]

Porter Gale once said about networking, “Your network is your net worth,” which throws light on the picture of the importance of...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 1 min read >

Porter Gale once said about networking, “Your network is your net worth,” which throws light on the picture of the importance of networking. Our connections and people in our network assist us in a variety of ways through different walks of life. 

Building a reliable network doesn’t just help to generate new business, but also network growth helps to build valuable relationships. The networking umbrella covers basic three network types, such as Operational, Strategic, and Personal. 

The operational network covers growing connections with people important from the business perspective. It may involve nurturing relationships and socializing with people who can get your job done. In this type of network, people help to handle your current internal responsibilities, whereas, in strategic networks, your connections help to drive the new business vision.

People associated with you through such types of networks help you to anticipate the future, attain the desired information and resources required to exploit industry trends and make a strategic investment in directions beneficial for the business. 

Now, coming down to the last network type – Personal refers to the network that covers people with whom we socialize and the ones who are more likely to become our friends. It is a broad network that associates you with potential referrals. 

Having said, now, you may be wondering about how potential and quality networks are built quickly. Various social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook provides a plethora of ways to initiate connections with people and set up your network.

Updating the profile pics periodically helps to drive more traffic to your profile. Interacting with the same courtesy as done in face-to-face meetings; helps to retain your connection and derive the desired business outcome.  

To learn more, check out Network Wise’s infographic below.


Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut
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