Work As Virtual Assistant From Home: How To Start?

Note: This is a guest blog from VAguys111. A Virtual Assistant is a person who organizes, manages and carries out general administrative tasks...

Written by Deepanshu Gahlaut · 1 min read >

Note: This is a guest blog from VAguys111.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who organizes, manages and carries out general administrative tasks to support any commercial activity. The work will be carried out remotely, from a location that the person establishes and that can be your home, your office or just a co-working. This implies, a virtual link between the client and the assistant and requires a good network to be able to work without obstacles.

Regarding the first word, as in the “real” world, an assistant is a person who collaborates with multiple general tasks, especially administrative ones, but can also include creative and technical tasks. To give us a more complete idea, we can think about the work that a traditional secretariat does and we would be quite close to the tasks of this type of positions.

At first glance, it may seem that it is a work of lower rank, with basic tasks. But this is not always the case. As in the traditional working world, there are different ranks of secretaries, from the junior to the secretariat of the Company Director. When we talk about a Virtual Assistant job, we refer to all this wide range of possibilities.

It’s true, a Director will surely want a more traditional assistant, but there will be very well-developed online businesses that need a Senior Secretary. Therefore, this role can be carried out both by inexperienced people who want to start and learn and by others who already know the subject and have previously worked in similar positions.

Hand in hand with these developments, opportunities for Virtual Assistants around the world grow. Any independent professional or entrepreneur who has more than 5 clients will require someone to help him administratively or even commercially. Work hours are limited and one should focus on providing their service. Therefore, everything that is administrative and sales tasks are pending or inconclusive.

Entrepreneurs and professionals who really know the work online, know the effort involved (the same as the “real” work), recognize it and pay it accordingly. But returning to the subject of tasks, being an Assistant does not mean that you can do everything and at any time. Therefore, before starting, it is important to know that it does NOT include this role:

Telemarketer tasks: many believe that an assistant is also responsible for making sales calls. Well no, unless you decide to include it. In general, this task is done by Telemarketers. who work for specialized companies.

Community manager tasks: although virtual assistants can help with the management of networks, they do not have all the knowledge and time to develop this work that Community Managers do.

Editors: people who offer their assistance online must know how to write, of course, because their role requires it. But that does not mean they are editors. Therefore, content development cannot be included in its functions.

Attention Call Center: you should not believe that an Assistant can receive complaints or queries from full-time clients, for that there are Call Center services, with people specially trained to deal with these issues, often complex.


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